Wednesday, March 4, 2009

25 weeks and 5 days

That is how far along I am...or considered anyways...I think the whole due date game is a little shady within a week or two time frame.

Soooo, some of you know that last summer I hit my all time fattiest weight ever! I knew I had gained fairly steadily over the previous few years but when I went to the doctor's office and stood on the scale I literally broke down in tears. How did I let myself get so fat?!?! Sadly the year or so leading up to that point I had felt fat, frumpy and insecure but never really did much about it. I talked and planned about it a lot though! After that doctors appointment I found some inner drive and motivation to actually take control from July to September I lost about 15 pounds....I just ate right and started exercising, nothing extreme but slowly my body was coming around. Even better than watching that scale go down was how much better I physically and emotionally felt.


I got on the scale this am and BAM I was exactly that horrific weight I was last June. I knew it was inevitable considering it was only 15 pounds and I knew I would gain more than that. It still sucked. I will admit I have put zero effort into eating healthy and exercising. I just can't seem to remember that even though the scale won't go down it's still the healthy and responsible thing to do for myself and Sawyer. I now remember what it felt like to weigh this much (not pregnant) and how gross and icky I felt. I truly don't feel too badly now probably because I am pregnant. I never, ever want to be this weight again though.
As of today I am back to making healthier choices.

Healthy weight gain and exercise will only make for an easier pregnancy and delivery!
Not to mention hopefully bouncing back a little easier!

Progress not perfection right?!?

and what pregnancy post would be complete without my quality photo skill filled self pics :)

could I carry a little higher?!?! seriously I have a baby growing in my ribs.

view from the top, no more feet :(


Erica said...

OMG i am so proud of you sissy! you really look great and will continue to as he grows!! i love the belly pics... glad we can experience it even when we aren't physically there! you really do look preggo... the high belly is cute!

Laura said...

nothing's cuter that a high baby're perfect, but I'm glad your modivated to be healthier (I lost mine)! Miss you and the rest of the fams...can't wait to give Sawyer a rub!

MRMD_GRL said...

I agree with ERICA.

Just remember that most of that weight is Sawyer and the sack of fluid. I know that you have the drive to eat healthy and get back on track. You can go back to the new old habits, and make those healthier choices. You can! Your post is the kick in the pants I need to put the pineapple upside down cake in the garbage, so thanks for being vulnerable for the rest of us to get motivated from. I love you, and I love that belly- SO adorable!!!!!

SloneFamily said...

Ok, you're crazy... you look amazing and that's great that you are only up 15 LBs. I broke down to my Dr last week because I am up 18 lbs and she looked at me like I was nuts (She doesn't know the crazy side of me ;)) It more than anything is the number on the scale that freaks me out!

I am glad you like the carseat. Her name is Bonnie 602- 692- 9576-- I have been researching it for a while and for her cost she does the best work! I was looking and some people charge $120, WTF that is insane... but she charges $75 for everything, pillows, strap covers, everything! She has a lot of cute boy ones, I bet you would melt over!