Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Power of a Bribe

I have been boycotting getting a Texas drivers license...well, since we moved here one year ago! I like my Arizona one! My hair is cute, I am young and skinny...not to mention it didn't expire until 2046! Chris has given me a hard time about this for the last 11 months. I will admit he has some valid points such as a nice ticket if I get pulled over and the fact that I can't get a bank account because my last names don't match! Still...I procrastinated! (procrastination is probably one of my worst qualities)

I have been pleading my case to pay $135 to find out the sex of the baby early. As soon as I knew we were going to find out the sex I couldn't wait! My doctor is dragging his feet and enough is enough! Chris presented me with the following bribe...We could go do the ultrasound today if.... 1) I got my TX license 2) I got my oil changed 3) I shipped 3 packages that were overlooked for a few days. Well, apparently my darling husband doesn't know I was raised with bribery :) My mom wanted me to sleep in my own bed...she bought me new bed stuff and gave me a beautiful room. My mom wanted me to stop crying at night and actually sleep in my own bed without a meltdown, so she bought me a scooter. I will say it's amazing how productive I am when presented with a bribe!!!

So, at 5:30 today we shall know what "it" is!! Karly of course says she hopes it isn't a neuter baby or hermaphrodite...no more movies for her! I really think it's a boy...Karly swears its a girl!

Well...talk to you soon with good news!

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