Friday, February 3, 2012

Winding the Skein Winners!

 thank you so much to Winding the Skein for sponsoring this giveaway!  

onto the WINNERS

Is it you???

(bahahaha love this button head, curly lock hair sketch...cracks me up)

Could this be yours?
Does this make you want to squeeze it and give it a little sniffy?

{This color is 'Arizona' I truly cannot express how perfect these colors are.  Just like an Arizona sunset!  Sometimes I really miss my home state!}

I am so excited to have such a great response to this giveaway!  I always worry a little when doing them.  I want it to be successful for the sponsor and exciting for you all and I think we may have been successful on both fronts (looking at the # of entries anyways!)

Onto the good stuff......drum roll please.....

1st place.....winning the $20 shop credit

Megan Kosecki said...
And now I just started following Winding the Skein's blog...what an awesome family!

2nd place.....winning the set of buttons 

Jenny W said...

I would get either homespun yarn or the wooden buttons. I'm absolutely in LOVE with both!!
Absolutely Amazing!!!

3rd place.....winning the supersized pompom

I pinned on pinterest

Winners please contact me at and I'll pass along your into to Debra!  

Thank you everyone for playing!  If you didn't win you can still shop!  

Support handmade!  
We are real people with real families, real bills and real appreciation for all of you!

Winding The Skein 

Now, I must order some needles so I can make a few of her patterns!

for a few new babes in the family

or maybe something for myself!

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