Friday, September 2, 2011

Week 2 Crochet Along

Week 2

One week down!  How did you do??  Did you meet the goal??  Work beyond or perhaps you have a little catching up to do??  I have about 40 more round 2's to go but will finish them tomorrow.  I actually am typing this at 1:30am so I guess it would be today not tomorrow.

 My line up!  I plan on doing color through round 3 or 4 (probably 4) and then the last round and joining with a creamy ivory color.

lots of round 1's!!  Look at all those tails!  Yes, this is what I still had Wednesday!  
Someday I will stop procrastinating!

My little assistant eating a round 1

and as of 2am  :(  Still have quite a few to go but hopeful I'll wrap them up today!

Week 2 Assignment
there are a few options

1.  continue working 1 round per granny (complete through round 3 on all) **I will probably do this one
2.  work 10-12 complete grannies
3.  if you get bored working the same round work rounds 3 and 4 on 44 of them (you will do this again next week)

Feel free to share your pics on any or all of the sites below!  I can't wait to see them!
Flikr  (I am not very Flikr savvy so hopefully I did that correctly!)
someone also asked about a Ravelry group.  I'll look into it and try to have it together by next Friday.

and if you are blogging your progress please link up!  Be sure to link your actual post not the blog, this makes it easier to find


CrochetBlogger said...

Love that you leave off with lots of options so that people can keep up with the CAL in a way that works for them! Smart!

Amy said...

Your baby is soo cute!!

I am really enjoying this pattern.

Have a great day!

Ewe 'N' Me Boutique said...

I am going to be so so so far behind! You're already on week two and I don't even have my yarn yet! Plus I want to make it to fit a queen! EEEKKK!!!

hafza said...

Oh dear... I've been far behind, everyone already on week 2 and week 3 is just around the corner. I don't even start a single round...hope I still can make it. With calendar in my hand I've made plan to catch up with everyone... 88 grannies!! can i make it??

Anonymous said...

I've just caught up to Week 2! It's fun to see everyone's posts as they do this too.
alicia in Hawaii