Friday, July 15, 2011

Gypsy Summer I

Vaca so far….Arizona Edition

Yeah, yeah, I promised myself I would blog throughout this vacation so that it would actually get blogged unlike last years, which is still on my ‘to blog’ list. Well 3 weeks in and no blog yet. I suck, I suck but here it is! Vacation 2011 Arizona Edition; or maybe it should be Arizona Edition part 1 since I will be back again and I am sure will have more pictures. Either way, let’s get started!

We left Thursday June 23 around 1am hoping to get as much driving in with the kids sleeping as possible.  I thought the idea was a bit crazy but have to admit my husband was right and it worked out great.  The kids slept for the most part until about 8 am!  There were a few short wake ups and a few feeding stops but overall it went great! 

We stopped in a small town for breakfast and to stretch our legs and back on the road!  Pit stop in El Paso for lunch…McDonalds…mmmm, ok they have a playplace and no matter how dirty they are they got the kids to burn some energy off even though it was 100 degrees out and the playplace was outdoors.  

We loaded the red faced littles back in the truck and it was make or break time.  If we were getting a hotel El Paso was a good stopping point.  It was still really early in the day so we pressed on.  Shocking still the kids did great…until just outside of Tucson.  Things got a little rough from this point on but being just a few hours from our destination we toughed it out, took a few extra breaks, listened to Sawyer scream and did just about anything to attempt to entertain him. 

Pictures from the road.

21 hours after leaving our driveway we pulled into my in-laws.  It was a very long drive but awesome to be there by dinner!  We did a lot of visiting with Chris’s family and my sister and a few friends.  It was been so wonderful to see everyone.  Pictures to come soon :)

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Morgan said...

I have been following your travels on Facebook! I can't handle how many places you went!! I am glad you guys had fun