Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Virtual recipe round up!

If you’ve been around awhile you know I did this for Christmas cookies and we had a great turn out especially for how short notice it was!

It doesn’t have to be a specific type of recipe, but something springy/summery would be nice! Please send the recipe as a word document attached to the email. Please no pdfs. Please type up pattern so that it looks nice. It doesn’t have to be perfect by any means, but it would be nice if there were an ingredient list, steps/directions, maybe run spell check and a picture would be a perk but not required.

I will combine all of the recipes into one document and convert it to a pdf. If you send in a recipe you will automatically get the final recipe collection. You can request the collection if you did not submit a recipe though I am encouraging you to send one ☺

Any questions?? Email me at

Please send your recipes there as well! I will accept recipes through the end of April then get them together and out a few days after that!

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to some fresh ideas!


Kirsteen said...

Hey, I'm a new follower, although I also bought a few of your Etsy patterns before Christmas (that's how I found you!).

Anyway this sounds like a fun idea. I'll get my thinking cap on!

Danielle said...

How fun! I made the most delicious spinach salad tonight, I think I'll send that one!

theresasthisnthat said...

I sent a recipe to your e-mail address!

Theresa O. of Theresa's This-n-That