Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breastfeeding Blues

To anyone that knows a pregnant gal that is wanting to breastfeed for the first time... please tell her to start preparing now! Put some clothespins on those nips and start reading up on it! You may wonder what on Earth I am talking about... BREASTFEEDING IS HARD!!! I have always just heard, "its so much easier than bottles" "its completely natural" what they leave out is that the first month is HELL! I truthfully whipped my boob out to show my mom almost in tears asking if it is possible for your nipple to literally be sucked off your body! I will admit that in the beginning I didn't always get a good latch. The problem is that in the beginning I didn't realize the time it hurt the damage was done... now we had to work through the pain. I do need to send a little shout out to my old friend Lorisa (not that she ever gets online)...without her I would have quit while I was in Arizona. I was so frustrated and so tired of hurting that the bottle truly was much easier. I went to visit her and her new son Zane who is now 5 months old and gorgeous! She was real with me. She told me it was rough in the beginning for her too but promised it gets better. She sent me home with a book that I started reading immediately. She was so motivational and inspirational. I left there renewed with ambition to make it work. It really didn't get any easier for another week or two. Here I am 6 weeks in and it finally doesn't hurt! Glory! Glory! Thank you to Lorisa for being so passionate and honest! Thank you everyone else for listening to me whine and cry about. Thank you for laughing along when I was half cry half laughing through the first 6 weeks. We now breastfeed pain free! Woo Hoo! I even sewed my own fabulously adorable nursing cover (hooter hider, udder cover, nursing apron, whatever you like to call it) along with a few for my etsy! Too cute!


Thera Joyce said...

I vote for Hooter Hider! Hehe!

Erica said...

glad the nips are healed :D!! Still debating if I could ever do that.... mmm thinking NO!!!!