Friday, February 11, 2011

Do you remember Anna??

Do you all remember Anna??  

Anna is a sweet little orphan girl...a sweet little orphan girl with Down Syndrome.  Anna is stuck in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.  Anna has no family there but has a family here desperate to bring her home.  Let's help Mike and Traci bring home their little girl.  You can read more of their story here but come right back!  or donate there and then come back :)

From what I have read and have seen, these instutions/asylums can be closely compared to hell.  In EE when the orphans turn 4 they are on borrowed time before being transferred from the 'baby house' to what is essentially an insane asylum where they are no longer adoptable and will live out their days.  Most of these orphans die from malnutrition and dehydration.  
It disgusts me that this happens in our world.

Pictures borrowed from Garden of Eagan where she puts these places into words much more eloquently than I ever could...if you want to learn more go check it out.  

If those pictures aren't sad enough when you leave the baby house this is a normal sight.  Potty time.

This picture was taken by a family picking up their child from another country (I believe but don't quote me).  You can read their story here.  Their description is haunting.

I dare you to watch this video and still say you can't donate $5 or even $1.  Every dollar adds up much quicker than most people can ever understand.  This video is so moving and heartbreaking. 
 Described by people there, in the moment.

video 'borrowed' from "Ready For Ross...Stas That Is!"  Another great adoption journey blog to check out.  It's so amazing to see how these kids progress with love and care.

Let's help the Williams family bring Anna home.  They are cleared for travel but will need to come up with the last $6,000ish soon!  Please consider donating today. 

For the next 24 hours (7am central) for every $5 you donate to Anna's fund I will send you a pattern of your choice and you will be entered in a raffle to win the following prizes.

One person will win all of this!

3 skeins of hand spun yarn donated by Nyana at ilashdesigns (value $33).  

custom made owl hat from Elskan Baby
and a

$25 gift card to Starbucks donated by me 

That first place winner along with 9 others will win a 50% off coupon from Dee to her shop Heartstringsbydee another one of my favorite yarnies :)

I wish I had tons and tons of money and prizes to offer, but this is what I have.  This is what I along with a few amazing women can offer you today.  Will you help Anna?  Don't crochet, drink coffee or care for yarn??  What kind of freak are you??  Donate anyways.  Skip your Starbucks and save a life.  


To receive your pattern and be entered:  
After donating you will receive a receipt from Paypal, forward that receipt to along with your pattern choice.  Your name will be written down and assigned a number.  At the contest close will pick the winner for the loot!

There is no information on the paypal receipt that I would not see if you purchased a pattern as normal.  I will have no ability to access your paypal account or bank accounts with the information on the receipt.  Not that I ever would!  All receipts will be deleted after drawing is complete.

For those of you apprehensive about donating to a possible scam  The Williams family is working through Reece's Rainbows.  A completely legit adoption agency.
One more video of Anna and others

What are you waiting for???  DONATE!!!!  please & thank you!

Thank you again to my wonderful friends for donating their goods!  You can tell them thanks on their facebooks by clicking their names!
Ny from ilashdesigns
Heather from Elskan Baby
Dee from Heartstringsbydee


Shawna Griffith said...

This little girl is never far from my thoughts. I donate anytime I have a little bit in my paypal. I only wish I had more to give. Her story breaks my heart. Off to donate more....

Shawna Griffith said...

I have a page on Facebook and while I don't offer much, I would love to help! Please let me know if there is anything I can donate! Here is my page:

Beverly said...

Spreading the word at ButterBeans&ChicPeas on FB. Donated too. Such a sad situation.

Jennifer Griffith said...

I just sent a donaton of $10.00

AngelRenee said...

Donated so hope it helps to bring her to her family soon

*LaUrA* said...

Thanks for sharing this. Even though I am sobbing now I am glad you are shedding light on this. I donated and pray they bring Anna home ASAP!!! I am totally devastated by the treatment of these children. Please keep us posted on this! I want to see Anna come home!!

Crystal said...

This is so heartbreaking. I had no idea this goes on. I just donated and hope it helps a little.

Sadie said...

I'd be interested in doing a fundraiser of some type for you guys.. maybe a day where all of the profits from my website go to your cause? Just email me.

Lee said...

Going to donate now..can I offer some items to add to your giveaway to help bring this beautiful child home?

Nikki Hickey said...

gonna spread the work on my website page and i donated :) thanks for sharing

Sandy Winey said...

Love your blog, Scotti, and I'm so grateful you are doing so much to help this precious little girl find her way into the Williams family's loving arms. I have come to know Traci through email correspondence during this last month and a half, and I'm convinced God has chosen the very best mom in the world for little Ana. I am praying every day and night for Ana's fund to reach its goal - and soon as time is running short. Keep up all your good efforts! And folks, please donate to this wonderful endeavor!! Sandy Winey - Georgetown, Tx.

Ashaloo said...

I wish I had so much more to give...or even enough to whisk all of these poor children from such a miserable place. I'll spread the news on my own fanpage, and if you need more giveaway prizes, I'll be happy to give whatever I can!!

Karen said...

I donated. I wish I could help more, but every little bit helps. I hope Anna can come home soon and be with her family.

Veronica Dominguez said...

Going to donate now..can I offer some items to add to your giveaway to help bring this beautiful child home?