Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Firework Fun!!

Karly had a sleepover last weekend...I don't like sleepovers :) Either way, she had her chit chatty little friend over and played babies and scream and run from the dogs for almost 2 days..yay! Saturday night Chris decided to bond a little with them...what else do people in TX do to play with their kids?!?!...give them explosives! Now that it's almost New Years all the firework stands are open! Chris LOVES fireworks! He gave the girls sparklers which I suppose are fairly safe. He then decided to let a big one off...just to try it out. Unfortunately he didn't think about the dogs! First BOOM and they bolted!!!! Sooo, we have a firework that seems to never end and my dogs running towards a highway with me and 2 little girls screaming after them. Just another lovely night in TX with my family!

A little clip of Karly and Danielle being fairies as they like to say.

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