Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wanna Make It Wednesday!

I am back and ready for new projects to add to my never ending list!

First up this adorable camera bag!  I was pricing bags the other day and they are $80+ bucks for a boring old black bag. This bag is adorable! It does look like a pain to make though or maybe I just overwhelm easy?!?! My only concern is to be sure it is designed to keep the inside goods safe!  You can find the tutorial at Creating Happiness.  I searched high and low...for hours on the hunt for a good tutorial and this was truly the best one I found. 

Next up; two cute camera straps! Now this is my kind of project...easy breezy! I am really digging the patchwork one. The ruffle one is cute but ruffles really aren't my thing!  I love how these aren't just covers for the original straps which most tutorials seem to be.  Char at Crap I've Made (love the name) shares the tutorials for both she even shows how to transplant those leather ends from your original strap.  If you are loving the ruffle one head over to UCreate.  It is June's 'Create With Me' project.  Is it sad I want to make the ruffle one just so I can play along??? 

Now you may be asking why the post dedicated to a few camera goodies

{drum roll please}

I got my very first big girl camera! Ah yeah!

I don't desire to be a professional photographer, though I do wish I had those skills!  I actually look and drool at photos I wish I could take!
{{ ** SIDENOTE: I did want to be a pro photographer. When I was in middle school I knew I was destined for big amazing adventures. When I started high school I was fairly certain National Geographic would be contacting me. Yes, National Geographic. I should probably tell you that I had never taken a picture of landscape or animals or anything other than my friends really...but still, I knew they wanted me ;) No I am not joking!  I seriously honestly thought I would work for them.  Then I got pregnant, oh yeah, in high school, and took pictures of my baby and not much else! Strange how things work out huh?!?  Needless to say National Geographic never called**}}

I really wanted a camera that I enjoyed using that would have more options to capture great photos of my kids! I will admit it is a little intimidating but so far I love it! I loved my old trusty point and shoot but unfortunately it was stolen when our house was robbed. Having a 6 week old baby the pressure was on to immediately replace the stolen one. I looked at point and shoots and a few dslr options. Long story short I felt awful spending the few extra hundred on the one I REALLY wanted knowing that we were going to be replacing a ton of stolen items. I bought the point and shoot that was the newer version of my beloved stolen one. Well, I hated it! It's not that it didn't take good pictures or didn't feel good in my hand...I hate the buttons! I know that probably seems so trivial and silly, but I truly would go crazy trying to even find the menu.  Not anymore! This baby's buttons are fabulous!  So, here I am a year later finally getting one I am fairly certain is perfect for me.  Oh...and still feeling a little guilty about purchasing.  Do you all do this?  Get a treat for yourself and then feel guilty or selfish?


I love her.

She loves me.


What do you wanna make??


Angie said...

I so wanted a SLR - but settled for a Nikon Coolpix. Still want that SLR... someday...

That camerabag is awesome! Are you going to attempt it?

Unknown said...

These camera accessories are great!! I want to learn how to sew so bad, but crochet seems to be the only thing I can do. So lucky about the camera!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you're going to attempt my camera bag! (and that you think it's the best tutorial) I posted because I couldn't find ANY tutorials for one similar and ended up coming up with my own.
Good luck with the bag!
Those camera straps are awesome, too.
I wish I had a DSLR---I have an uses 35mm film!
And I had dreams of becoming a pro photographer, too (you wouldn't know it to look at my tute pics, but I took a photography class in highschool and loved it)

SkinnyMeg said...

I'm so jealous I really want a new camera and even more now that I want the cute bag and ruffle neck strap!!