Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Extra Square #1 Crochet Pattern

When I saw this Blackberry Salad blanket I fell in love!  The lusting side of me wanted to immediately make this lovely nubby blanket.  The rationale side of me knew I may lose lose my mind if I attempted said lusty blanket.  When the sampler won the CAL I was a little sad I wasn't going to be forced into that nubby love of mine.  After deciding to add a few extra squares to the CAL I knew I'd add a nubby square!  Perfect solution right?!?!  

I have to confess.  I briefly looked at the pattern and thought no biggie and never referenced it again!  Well I just went to link to it and realized I did it wrong!  I used a popcorn stitch, she used bobbles.  Not a big deal but I thought I should let you know!  Bobbles are faster which is probably why I would choose popcorns.  Apparently I love to torture myself!

I do love this square.  I rub it all the time.  It feels lovely. 

 In fact I love it so much I may torture myself and make a blanket full of the nubby goodness.  Want to make a square for your CAL?  Here's how I did it. Remember all of our squares are different sizes it seems!  I am making mine 12X12 so adjust accordingly!  A & B in the pattern refer to color changes.  Carry your color up the side for color change

Popcorn Square

A) Row 1:  chain 37

A)Row 2:  skip 2 chain closest to hook, dc in each chain, ch 1, turn {34 dc}

A) Row 3:  sc in next 2, (popcorn in next space, sc in next 3) row will end with sc in last 2, ch 3 turn  {8 popcorn}

B) Row 4:  (dc), ch 3, turn  {34 dc}

B) Row 5:  (ch 3 counts as first dc in pop), popcorn in first space, (sc in next 3, popcorn) ch 3, turn {9 popcorn}

A) Row 6:  (dc) ch 1, turn {34 dc}

A) Row 7:  repeat Row 3

B) Row 8:  repeat Row 4

B) Row 9:  repeat Row 5

A) Row 10:  repeat Row 6

continue until you reach your desired size.  Finish off with a row of dc.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Crochet Sampler CAL - Week 1

Let's get started!  I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting this post so I hope I don't let you down!  If you are just joining us and would like more info or need the pattern check out this post.  

Some weeks we will have one square and some weeks we will have two.  The weeks we have two squares they will both be easier and less time consuming.  If we only did one a week it would take us 3-4 months which is kind of long!  

Let's get started!!  

This week you will need to complete 
square #1: Checkerboard 


square #8: Wagon Wheel

remember these squares are all the same size in the finished blanket!  
My gauge is way different than the one on the pattern so you may want to check yours too.  If you are a rebel and don't check your gauge be sure to match up your squares so they are the same size!  

Let's get hooking!!

If you aren't in the Ravelry group hurry up and join!  Lots of good convo going on!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inner Hooker's SECOND Crochet Along!

The votes have spoken!

The 2 samplers were neck and neck but #2 pulled through by 1%  I loved them both so I'm a happy hooker!  I also heard #1's pattern was a hot mess so I was a little nervous about it.  

Look at the breakdown!

Votes came in from all but 5ish states in the country!  Pretty awesome huh!?!?

and here is the winner!!!
Red Heart's Crochet Sampler

be sure to download the pattern and look it over a little, pick up your colors this week and we will get started Friday!  

I also started a group on Ravelry for this CAL.  I'll post our weekly goals here on the blog and also in the group.  The group just allows us to chat easier, ask questions, share pictures, etc...  

Please also feel free to share this with your friends and take a blog button!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hands Free Mom??

A few months ago my mom and I were talking about how addicted people are to their phones.  Backstory:  My husband was a smoker (he quit almost 2 months ago!! woot!).  He would spend quite a bit of his time outside smoking and either talking on the phone or playing on it.  It drove me crazy and truth be told it hurt and upset me.  How could he choose to spend his time talking to his friends or wasting time online?  He works a lot and doesn't have as much time at home as he'd like and he chooses this instead of spending time with me?  with his kids?  

Then it dawned on me...I do it too.  

Yes I may be with my kids all day, every day but am I really with them??  No, not really.  Yes throughout the day of course I am but I am very much addicted to my phone and laptop.  I use the excuse that I have to get online for work.  I run an online business that does require me to get online throughout the day but in reality it should take me 5% the time it does.  I get sucked into facebook, blogs, pinterest, etc...  before I know it I have baby fingers trying to help me type, kids bickering and getting into stuff and then me getting grumpy and yelling because they are in stuff or bothering me.  Not only am I being a pissy mom I am being an absent mom.  I am mad they are "in everything" when I am trying to read something that is probably telling me how I can be a better more involved mom, how to organize my life and keep a tidy home.  Sounds insane right?!?!  This situation rarely to never happens if I am paying attention to them yet I do this over and over and over again.    First step to being better at all of these things would be to get off the phone and computer and just do it.  Get the adult responsibilities done, truly be with my kids, read and do "me" stuff when they are sleeping.  I know how to be an involved mom.  I know how to clean.  If I spent the time just doing it instead of reading how to do it according to pinterest it would be done and I could move onto things I enjoy.  Like I said these thoughts have been weighing very heavily on me the last few months.  Once I realized how addicted I am I was even more aware every time I'd check my phone or get on the computer...but I was still doing it just as much, now I just added the realization of it and the guilt accompanied every time I continued to plug in.  

Last night a friend on facebook posted a link to a blog post titled How to Miss a Childhood.  Bitch slap.  There were my insecurities, my fears, my reality in black and white.  My faults and shortcomings splattered much more eloquently than I could ever phrase them yet they were mine all the same.  I stayed up far too late reading her blog, shedding a few tears and being thankful for the eye opener.  I know this will not be something I am cured of overnight but will work on daily, probably all day.  I  also know that every day I work on being "Hands Free" it will get easier and easier.  Every day I will truly live a little more and be a better mom and wife.  Today I am admitting I have the "Disease of Distraction".  I will even go a little further and admit that without my phone or laptop I feel true anxiety, an addict to the iStuff.    

Time to start living.  Time to really soak up these little loves of mine.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pick the next Crochet Along...VOTE NOW!

Let the voting begin!!  I tried to pick the ones that had the highest comments, likes, and repins.  I'm sorry if your favorite isn't here!

Please only cast a vote if you intend to partipate in the crochet along.

Please look at the pattern before voting to be sure it's something you are interested in.

The samplers were very popular.  I think they would be good practice to learn new stitches and not quite as boring since each square is different.

- this project is classified as an intermediate project.  I love, love the finished look.  Please peek at the pattern to be sure you are up for it!

-this project is also classified as an intermediate project but does look easier than the one above.  Please check out the pattern to be sure you are up for it.

- pattern from the squares can be found here:  Daisy Flower Charity Square.  Pictures of final blanket here:  Zoe's Daisy Afghan.  These are individual squares joined at the end.

-simple pattern

-simple pattern 

-simple pattern  
(side note:  if you've never checked out this blog DO IT!  I am so in love with her projects)

-easy enough once you get the hang of it.  I made a cowl on her site with the same stitch, was sort of a pain at first but lovely in the end.

-similar to the one above.  Looks like it's easy enough, I'd classify as a brave beginner 

-I love this blanket.  The thought of all of those bobbles does make me shudder a wee bit ;)

-easy enough for brand new beginners.  Uses super bulky yarn which goes fast but can be more expensive.

-another pretty easy pattern

Now VOTE!  Voting will close Saturday May 19 at 11:59p
Winner will be posted Sunday and the first goal will be posted Friday

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week 12

If you are behind it's crunch time!!  Finish up any squares you don't have and sew them together!!!

Please don't forget to post pictures on Inner Hooker's facebook page!!  

The voting for the next CAL will be posted soon!

High Wire Handmade Winner

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Are you the lucky winner of the $20 shop credit to High Wire Handmade??  

These are totally what I would buy if I were the winner!

here are a few more of her awesome stitch markers

Remember Sophia LOVES to take custom orders so any of these could likely be made into lobster clasp as opposed to knitting style markers!!  Or maybe you have something in your mind you'd like created just for you???  Contact her!  She is probably one of the sweetest people I've worked with...ever!

Not a yarnie??  What is wrong with you??  She sells pendants, broaches and even coasters as well!  Lots of goodies you should be checking out!  

She also has a clearance section if you're shopping on a budget!  

Thank you so much High Wire Handmade for sponsoring this giveaway!  If you haven't checked her out please do so!  Be sure to follow her on Facebook and her blog as well for specials, giveaways and more!

aaannnnddd what you came here for.....

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if this is you, shoot me an email at innerhooker@hotmail.com to claim your prize!

Monday, May 7, 2012

HIgh Wire Handmade Giveaway!


I have been waiting and waiting for this week's giveaway!  It's really...yep, awesome!

I'd like to introduce to Sophie from High Wire Handmade.  

Those little yarn balls are my FAVORITE!

Sophie does some truly impressive work.  She prides herself on her handmade craftsmanship.  She makes her items from start to finish with her own hands paying insane attention to every last detail.  All of her items are made by her hands from start to finish.  She even creates her own packaging!  

High Wire Handmade is donating $20 shop credit to one winner!  
Yep, 20 bucks to spend on whatever you'd like!  You can buy just about any stitch marker set in High Wire Handmade or even put it towards some of her jewelry, pendants or any other item that catches your fancy!

How great are these?

Beautiful rectangle ring

High Wire Handmade loves working with you to create that custom look you have in mind.  I seriously cannot say enough good things about her and her items. 

So do you want to win $20 to High Wire Handmade???

of course you do!  here's how to enter

Mandatory entry:
check out High Wire Handmade, come back here and tell me what you'll buy with your prize money

Extra entries:  
(please leave a separate comment for each entry to count)
Follow High Wire Handmade's blog

that's 3 entries!  Want a few more??  
Post on your facebook, Twitter or blog
 Be sure to leave a link to High Wire Handmade's facebook or shop.

That's up to 6 chances to win!  SIX chances to help promote our featured vendor and support handmade!  

Giveaway closes Thursday May 10 at 11:59p

Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 11

Confession:  I am behind.  By about 15 squares.  I'll have busy fingers this week!

This week you'll need to finish 13 of your squares if you are doing them a round at a time. You should have all 88 done at the end of this week. 

If you've been making a single granny at a time you will shoot for 10 this week. If you've been doing them this way you should have around 80 by the end of this week.  If you are an over achiever do the 8 extra!

Next week we will wrap up any missing squares, weave in ends (or you can wait until you are all done to if you prefer) and sew them together!! 

I am definitely ready to be done with this one!  Can't wait to see the end result!  

Stay tuned to help pick out our next CAL...hopefully something that doesn't require joining at the end ;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fibertastic Winner!

Sorry for the delay! The flu has struck our house...yes, again! I swear my family is so sickly!  I tried to force myself multiple times to get this posted but someone would get sick or I'd finally get a few hours of sleep so here we are...thanks for your patience!

Thank you to Brittni from Fibertastic for sponsoring this giveaway!  I hope you all checked out her goods and gave her some love!

The winner of the Fibertastic prize is......

Mandie L. said...
Pinned my favorites!




Mandie, shoot me an email to innerhooker@hotmail.com and I'll pass you along to Brittni!

Don't forget  if you don't follow Fibertastic on facebook yet do so now!  Didn't want but want to shop??  Head on over to Fibertastic and show your support to another wonderful handmade shop!