Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Gift Exchange, my favorite purse, and a new pattern

A few months ago I saw this purse on Pinterest

 It was love at first sight. Truly I dreamt about this purse!  I could not get it out of my mind!  Of course it was one of those pins that link to the blog in general and not the post that the actual picture is in {why do people do that!?!?}.  I spent a few nights scouring the blog for this picture and finally found it BUT there no explanation of where it was from or anything!  I decided to email the blog owner....yes, I told you I was obsessed.  In fact at this point in the hunt I am pretty sure I had convinced myself that I actually NEEDED the purse to continue on with my life.  I emailed her begging and pleading her to share where she got it.  No luck.  She found the picture on google and had no clue where it came from :(  {thank you nice blog lady for at least emailing me back!}  

Sigh...being the crazy obsessed resourceful woman I am I knew what had to happen.  I had to make it myself!  Insert a few months of getting sidetracked, other projects and patterns pushing this one further down my to-make list.  

November came and with it Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous and her semi-annual gift exchange!  I signed up a little nervous but ready.  In true Scotti fashion I waited until the very last week to get serious.  I was totally at a loss for ideas.  I hadn't had much time to chat with my partner and didn't get a really good feel for her.  I knew a few things, we are both busy ladies, have 3 kids, she enjoyed photography, sewing, cooking, etc... and is in school.  So needless to say she dabbles in it all.  More thinking...more stressing....more wondering why I torture myself like this...AND THEN IT HIT ME.  My favorite purse would be perfect!  

A few late nights and I did it!!  I was so excited and really wanted to keep it for myself but I did wrap her up and send her new home in Washington!  I hope she is loved!  

Now to make one for myself!  I am holding out until I can buy some single ply handspun.  Wouldn't that be lovely?
Side note: do you think I could buy some fabulous shoes as a business expense to recreate the original picture? 

What is that you say??  You want to make one too???  Pattern can be purchased here! 

I am in love with making purses!  I can't wait to start my next one!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Thank You & a Present

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do....

{imagine me singing it in a lovely voice.  you'll have to imagine really hard because I am no song bird}

It's been awhile since I expressed my gratitude for you all!  Seriously though, you all are awesome!  Without you Inner Hooker wouldn't exist.  I am forever grateful.  I have met amazing buyers, photographers and fellow business women along the way!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Onto the goods....

I am so in love with this faux knit look!  If you haven't checked out the hat do so!  It's one of my new favorite 2 day hair hats :)  I really need to get some legit pictures because my dim, sort of out of focus, on my forced daughter pictures just don't do this little baby justice.  

One of my prototypes came out wrong, less than perfect.  {which is the point of prototypes isn't it?}  Anyways....immediately I saw it.  I must stuff a newborn in this hat and make it a cocoon.  Brilliant right?  ok, maybe more resourceful than brilliant.  Or maybe I just like newborns stuffed in things.

I wanted to share it here with you!  Yep, share!!  As in for free!  No monies!  Now, this won't be available forever so download yours now!  Just a little thanks to all of those that have been around for awhile!  


Pattern was up and free for a few months!  Thank you again!  I hope everyone that downloaded it enjoyed!

If you'd like to continue to support this work at home momma you can find the pattern for purchase here

Faux Knit Cocoon (Crochet photo prop)