Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

As always our weekends are busy and short! Saturday Chris worked and Karly and I ran a few errands. I tried my hand at homemade salsa and it turned out fab!!! (Thanks Dani for the was a hit!) Karly even helped out and made french onion dip...her favorite. Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party for our little cousin Dustin. Bday party was followed by a BBQ...I wish I had a few pictures to share, but pregnancy brain is in full effect working against me and caused me to forget my camera! It was nice to see everyone it had been awhile since we got together with them.

Sundays are lazy/productive just depending on how lazy/productive I was during the week. Due to the purging of Karly's room this week (blog and pics and pleading for advice to come soon) I was unexpectedly extremely far behind on laundry so today was full of that. We had breakfast and did some cleaning so I could craft guilt free. Chris found his motivation this afternoon and hit the yard for the first of many mowings this summer.

Unfortunately our dogs have become extreme gopher hunters and have done some serious digging damage. Chris bought dirt and spent some time filling in holes prior to mowing. Needless to say he wasn't very pleasant during these few hours. No pictures of Karly today as she has sworn me to never taking pictures of her on doggy doody..I mean duty :) I shall stay true to my word and skip the poop picking up pictures.

Shane looking extremely innocent and adorable. He is the only one who likes his picture taken. Buddy and Penny hate the camera.

And what week would be complete without a self taken bathroom belly picture update?!?!

28 weeks...12 more to go!

PS: while we were all happy to have this lovely weather my sister Erica, her bf and his family jetted off to Tahoe for a weekend of skiing...they sent me these pics. Don't you love technology and how it keeps us all in touch in an instant?!?! Thanks E & B for sending you both!


MRMD_GRL said...

The pics of Chris are hilarious! Glad her got the lawn done!.... send him over to my house next :)

Belly pic is super cute, and truly thank god for technology could you imagine writing snail mail letters to each other to stay in touch!!!

E & B should not rub it in our faces that they were in Tahoe... not nice, but gorgeous pics!

SloneFamily said...

Ok, You are tiny.... The Desk is great, Your Dog is tto cute, and I wish I could go skiing in Tahoe!!!!

Allie said...

Let me know if you want me to take off your personal blog from the post I did for the award. I wanted to make sure I gave you a shout out for the new site you have. ;)

GRAMMI said...

My great grandson isn't a blob anymore. U look just wonderful & healthy. I'm so proud of you...Luv & miss U