Sunday, March 22, 2009

Desk Unveiling!

For the last 2 weeks I have had not one, but two desks sitting on our back porch. I started with ambitions to redo a desk for Karly and bought the first one. Then at the yard sale I mentioned in this blog a few weeks back I picked up this desk for the perfect price of...FREE! I love FREE!!
The desk was nothing to look at, but it was very sturdy. Metal base with solid wood...not walmart wood as we like to call it. I just couldn't pass up free solid furniture just because I had purchased a walmart wood one for 30 bucks and still hadn't gotten to work on it :) I tried to talk myself out of it, but couldn't get this ugly desk off my mind. The next day I was so relieved that she still had it! I did have to wait a week to pick it up, well for Aunt Gay and Uncle Danny to pick it up for me...but I got it! After a week of here and there work this is what it looks like today! Not too bad huh!
Total investment less than 15 bucks! Things I learned along the way...
1) this should take 2 cans of spray paint if you know what you are doing...if you are me it will take every ounce of 3 cans due to sanding down the bubbly spots due to not properly "swooshing" each stroke. Spray painting is NOT as easy as it looks.
2) this should have taken a handful of hours tops but took a 7 month pregnant lady with a full time job a good week of here and there-ing it to complete.
3) when you can't figure out how to load the staple gun ask your 10 year old daughter...she will figure it out in less than a second after you spent 5 minutes trying.

and After!

Did I mention Karly doesn't even want this one?!?! Sooo, we are still going to redo the other one for her room. Project to begin this week, hopefully I will have another unveiling next week!
This one is mine now! I am going to use it for my sewing and crafting! Can't wait! I have my machine on a buffet type table and am always nervous it will get knocked over! Hopefully this week I can get everything moved over and rearranged for maximum productivity and cuteness of course :)


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Allie said...

It looks great! You can't tell it was an old desk, I love it!!

MRMD_GRL said...

YAY... it looks fabulous.... wanna make me one???

PS - please turn off the stupid captcha, its annoying... I have to typye unceeletter last time and this time I have to type chroct - these aren't even words!!!!!!

Grammi said...

The desk is beautiful. Luv & Miss U

Dani said...

damn girl, you have become soooo crafty!!!!!

Kylee said...

Holy Cow! If Karley doesn't want it, then can I have it? LOL! You have some tallent there girl! It looks like a really expensive desk you would buy at Ikea or something. AMAZING!

P.S. Your baby bump is adorable! I'm sure you know this already, but the last 12 weeks are the hardest. I know I was going CRAZY with atisipation! Glad you guys are doing well. God Bless!