Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Tooth Fairy is a flake!

Karly was out playing on the swing set Tuesday when she bolted inside tooth in hand hollering about how she lost her tooth! She loves losing tooth...kid sees dollar signs! As always she writes the tooth fairy a letter to please leave the tooth (because her crazy mom likes to keep them). She also included a P.S. asking for an extra 120 bucks to buy a Nintendo DS...apparently the Wii just isn't enough for her. She slipped it all into a ziplock and under the pillow it went.

The next morning I am in the shower and she comes is her conversation, imagine it in her voice and it's even better :)

MOM!!! The tooth fairy never came! Well, I think she came but I think my dog ate her! I felt Penny jump up fast, spin around, and laid back down. I really think she ate the tooth fairy!

I reassure Karly that the tooth fairy encounters many, many dogs and I am 100% sure that Penny didn't eat the tooth fairy. She is quite disturbed not fully believing me but goes about her day. Chris tells Karly maybe the tooth fairy is feeling the bad economy and going through a rough spot...gotta love my husband.

Last night the tooth was placed ever so sweetly on the kitchen table in hopes of the fairy avoiding her impending doom in Penny's jaws...and she came! She didn't leave the $120 though!

and the typical Karly posing picture just for good measure!


MRMD_GRL said...

I didn't realize golden girls still lost teeth!
She sure is growing up so fast, gotta love the cheer uniform!

WTF tooth fairy, not leaving poor sweet Kar the 120 bones for a DS... I will have to give her a piece of my mind when she visits.

Jerri said...

LOL - a month or so ago, my 10yr old son was upset that the tooth fairy missed our house one night, and my husband and I tried to him-haw our way around the fact that she must have been really busy or sick, or maybe she did not have a $5 dollar bill (yes - that is a story in itself). What!??!! he asks no $5 bill? Him-haw-him-haw, he was upset he wanted his money. I asked him if he had a $5 and he said yes, and I asked him to bring it to me, confused, he did, I took it and handed him a $10 - he was shocked and confused. I said just take it, give me your tooth, and don't say a word to your siblings. Okay, he was satisfied, had a look of knowing on his face and walked away with his money. My husband cried because I let the tooth fairy out of the bad.

Erica said...

so creative that little gal! i agree that penny prob ate the tooth fairy!! love the cheerleading outfit! all those years of stunting with her paid off... thank you :)

Erica said...

ps love her poses!! such a doll!