Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cookies & Chores

Another weekend in our house, productive and relaxing all wrapped into one! We ran some errands Saturday most importantly picked up Girl Scout Cookies! YAY for cookies….insert sarcasm! I despise selling, organizing, and distributing Girl Scout cookies! I swore after last time I wouldn’t do it again….here I am again. I will say we scaled way back which made life much easier! Not to mention Chris and Karly did all of the work! Snapped a few pictures of them putting together orders.

Chris worked Sunday which is typically chore and get ready for the week day. I will say doing laundry all week has made a world of difference. I used to hate Sundays and now they are actually enjoyable again! My dryer was taking forever to dry so I thought it must be time to clean the lint out of the outside thingy. Ours has a screen so no little mice can climb through and chew through the lint filter and set up camp in our house...yes this did happen. ANYWAYS...I go outside and there are dead plants in the way of the lint filter and I have been thinking I need to cut everything back anyways so I get the shears and get gangster on the back yard. I of course drag Karly into helping and the dogs were more than grateful to spend a few hours in the sun playing with the chopped down sticks! It took me about 2 hours, but everything is chopped back and the sticks were even drug off! Not too shabby! I made a little oops and cut the line that is the electric fence...ok, so a big oops. Good thing my dear husband is handy and fixed it right up! Other than being super sore that night and the next day all was a success!

Penny is so proud of her big stick! She pranced around forever with it!

Penny "attacking" the water

Old Buddy boy...not sure why this picture is hell bent on rotating!


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Erica said...

love karly's outfit... what a fashionista!! haha she should be in the back of UsWeekly Fashion Police :) adorable as always regardless!!!

Allie said...

Where do you find all this energy? Geez woman slow down. :)

MRMD_GRL said...

Our of everything in your blog, Kar's outfit is my fav!! Super stylish.

Cookies are a blast, silly goose :)


Dani said...

you go preggo girl!