Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coming June '09

Today was our first real doctor's appointment. Our doctor seems very nice. He said everything looks like it should. I am 8 weeks and 5 days, so June 13th is our due date. The heartbeat was 177, you could see it just beating away. We didn't get to hear it, but I just eBayed a fetal heart monitor so hopefully we will get it in the next week or two and we can listen whenever we want! It was really amazing to see that there really is something in there! Definitely makes it seem that much more real! Our next appointment is early December and I am sure I will have more updates then! Hope everyone is well! Isn't our little blob baby sooo cute?!?!

White part is baby, dark part is uterus

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Courtney said...

When I look at those things, I can never really see a baby... but I definitely get excited when I see one of those blobby pictures cause I know it's good news!!! I'm very excited for you!!!