Monday, December 21, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

I have told you before I love themed blogs or blogs with certain days being certain things. I ran across MckMama's blog the other day...great blog with a lot of great stuff. Read her amazing story about her little boy. Given no chance of survival and guess what...he is alive, well and cute as can be! This momma has 4 kids 4 and under...bless her.

Ok, so she does "Not Me Monday; being brutally honest and living to tell about it" a ton of other blogs participate and everyone leaves there link. This is my first week doing it so I am not 100% but I am pretty sure that's how it works! I loved reading other people's last week totally knowing I have done MANY of them :)

Sooooo without further ado....let Not Me Monday begin;

I did not go to bed without brushing my teeth last week.

I did not fall asleep folding laundry and sleep half sitting up with a towel in my hands until 4 am.

(different day than the teeth; think I need more sleep?)

I did not bribe my daughter to play with her brother so I could finish a craft I was almost done with and too selfish and into it to quit.

I did not leave laundry in the dryer most of the week.

I did not procrastinate on my Christmas cards until last night...EEK! Sorry everyone, maybe I should just start getting New Years Cards?

I am sure I have dozens more but this is what I can remember at the moment! Hope I made someone else out there feel a little better about their "Not Me" moments!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

ahh! It sounds like you need rest! Great list and MERRY CHRISTMAS!