Sunday, January 25, 2009


Let Me In!

As some of you know we ended up trying to find our dogs new homes. It was horrible and awful, but we felt it was important to our sanity...well, Chris's and our neighbors. We ended up finding a home for only one, and of course it was Penny...Karly's sweet girl. After 2 weeks, the placement just wasn't working. The woman that took her has two small children and her little boy is just too rough so Penny came home! I am thrilled she is back, and will never get rid of a pet was heartbreaking!

So, as I have mentioned we put in an electric fence to keep our dogs in the yard...after some recent drama we had to do something. I had heard very mixed reviews of the fence/shock collar with people saying their dogs run right through it. Well, a little over a week with it in and so far so good. Poor Penny was running after Buddy (who wasn't wearing a collar) this morning and hit and went through the fence. She had no choice but to come back through it. Now I just have to figure out how to get them to realize they can leave the porch without being shocked! They are fixtures on my sliding glass door! Licking it, rubbing their wet noses on it, and pleading at me with those puppy dog eyes...PLEASE LET US BACK IN!



Courtney said...

Oh, they look so sad! :( But I'm SO glad you got your dog Penny back. I would be heartbroken too if I had to leave my dog. It was horrible leaving him for 3 months when I was at Rosewood. I even asked if I could bring him. Haha, that didn't go over!

I just wouldn't be able to leave my dog. As it is, I have a hard time leaving him overnight without me (but it happens sometimes and of course, he isn't alone).

MRMD_GRL said...

They are so cute, glad the fence is working!

I miss you