Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sucky Fingers

No more "sucky fingers" for Miss Karly! At 10 years old she has finally given up the habit! Ok, so she was encouraged/bribed. Chris made a bet with her that she couldn't go 2 weeks without sucking. If she did she got to pick something to buy....she decided she wanted press on nails. I don’t think she realized they are 5 bucks and she could buy them herself. Either way my poor baby was like a little crack head desperate for those fingers! “but Momma you don’t understand! They taste so good and make me all warm and cozy!” Of course I told her to go ahead and suck but she refused to lose this bet! She is as stubborn as Chris! Every day she would tell me the countdown to 2 weeks. I actually felt a little bad for her, her entire world revolved around counting these days down and trying not to accidentally suck. Well, she made it! She got her fake nails that lasted all of 1 day! She isn’t allowed to wear them to school so she waited until the weekend to put them on…by the next night she had ripped them all off. Shockingly she didn’t go back to sucking much! She still will from time to time in her sleep, but has done really well with it! My baby isn’t a sucky finger baby anymore!


MRMD_GRL said...

hat, no adorable finger sucking.... I think she passed the trait on to Ariel who is starting to pick up on this lovely habit.

I will miss the sucky finger baby, but good for her!

Press on nails stay on better when reinforced with some real nail glue, Ariel's lasted a whole week!


Dani said...

totally laughing at the 5-dollar press ons!! I lived for those once upon a time!! PS - tell Karly in third grade I still sucked my fingers in my sleep mostly and my dentist had to put this horrible mouthpiece in my mouth that made it HURT to suck my fingers.... slightly torturous but it worked. Tell her she doesn't want to have to go through that! LOL