Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Camping on the 4th

Chris and I joined up with a slew of other Oxfords (and a few other families) and headed to Lake Palestine for a fabulous Fourth of July family campout! Chris worked the overnight so he needed to get a little sleep and we headed out around 2 on Friday, myself, Chris and Buddy. We had to leave the puppies home as they tend to be a little out of control! There were so many people at the lake and camping! We had a great spot with plenty of space for all 5 tents. We got set up, cooked out, had some cocktails and even lots of visiting! The little boys did some fishing and even caught a few. After dark we set off fireworks, Buddy did not love this part at all. Many hours later I was done and off to my tent. My rockstar husband had other plans and partied up into the wee hours (he paid for it the next morning). It was hot, our air mattress completely deflated about 30 minutes in, we (Chris) forgot blankets and pillows, and I woke up about every 30 minutes. Did I mention there were fireants everywhere?!?! Needless to say the next morning I was perfectly fine with the fact we were only staying one night!

Spent a few hours boating on the lake and then we were ready to pack up and head home. 24 hours, a dozen ant bites later and we were beat! Who knew a shower and nap in a real bed could ever feel so good! Goodbye beautiful Lake Palestine!

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jack said...

You do a great job with this. Thanks for sharing. Miss you J.C.